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Dog Training Testimonials

Dusty, dog training client

Last year I bought a 7 week old Golden Retriever puppy. I thought I knew a lot about Goldens because I had another one for 12 years. I decided to let my pup, Dusty, take lessons from Nan. The result is amazing!

Dusty is the best command dog I have ever had. He loves commands as well. He loves food but he won't take anything, outside of his dog food, without a "Take it" command. He rolls over for treats, goes to his crate at the touch of his nose on my hand, and lays down by me in any room of the house when I sit in a chair.

All of this because Nan taught me how to understand my dog!

I highly recommend Nan. She is not only a great trainer, but she will love your pet!

Pat Meehan
Evansville, IN

Zoey, Newburgh IN dog training client I have been very pleased with the training techniques used by Nan!

Zoey has had classes with Nan, as well as private training with Nan at my home. Both were well worth the time and money.

Nan has so much love for the dogs, and trains in such a way that Zoey was never afraid, even when she was corrected for not doing what was expected of her.

I would recommend Compassionate Critter Care to anyone interested in getting great training for their pets. The love and compassion the pets receive from Nan is wonderful to see!

Gloria Lewis
Newburgh, IN

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Brady, Evansville dog training & dog walking client

We, the parents of Brady Gibson Geiss, are writing this to show the great appreciation and fondness we have for Nan Potter, Compassionate Critter Care.

Nan was recommended to us during Brady's early months to help us get through his "childhood" time. We are in our middle 70s, but fell in love with this Austrian Shepherd pup when he was 5 weeks old.

absolutely loves Nan! Amazingly enough, when he is told Nan is coming, his tail wags! And when he sees her, his tail wags wildly!

Nan has given us 
training sessions and does our dog walking. She is always on time and very efficient with her time here. She has helped Brady tremendously to socialize. (His breed is very ambitious and needy for attention.)

When we relocate to a different home in a few weeks, we plan to re-engage Nan for more training sessions and more dog walking. We would trust her implicity to stay in our home when we are out of the city.

weighs over 70 pounds now, but Nan controls him nicely.
We highly recommend Nan Potter to you!

Jim & Rosemary Geiss
Evansville, IN

Lola and Barkley, Evansville IN dog training clients
Nan at Compassionate Critter Care has helped our dogs, Lola and Barkley, greatly with their obedience training. The dogs responded so well to her training methods and techniques. 

It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Nan!
The Burks Family
Evansville, IN

Testimonials from happy dog training clients in the greater Evansville IN area.
For references, please call 812-589-8946 or contact Nan at Compassionate Critter Care.
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Jesse, Newburgh IN Dog Training Client
After already having an established “family” that included three Yorkies, we decided to expand and adopted a 7-month-old Silky we named Jesse.
While we felt that Jesse was adorable, the other family members did not agree. They had already decided where everyone sat, ate, and who the “leader” was. Jesse had other ideas!

Life as we knew it was over! Constantly having to correct Jesse, scold the others, and have separate play times was driving us crazy! We began questioning our decision on the adoption, but had already become attached to Jesse. We did not know what to do. This is where Nan came in…

We first meet Nan when she was working at a local training facility. We had decided that we needed to fit Jesse for a harness and were struggling in an aisle to get him to hold still. Nan walked up and said hello to us and then to Jesse. She had him sitting in about 3 seconds!

Now we are not new parents. We have had puppies our entire adult lives, and thought we knew all we needed to raise our kids. We were wrong!

We have since taken classes from Nan, had her in our home for private in-home training, and our lives are much better today!
It was amazing how much we learned, and how much fun we had learning.

Nan has a way of making training fun, even though sometimes it is work. She saved our family, and now Jesse is very happy and a welcomed addition to our family!

I would recommend Nan to anyone that needs help changing behaviors, or just wants to learn more with and about their “best friend”.

Thanks Nan!

Donna Tilly
Newburgh, IN





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