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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Testimonials

Palmer & Polly, Evansville IN pet sitting clients
Searching for an Evansville pet sitter, I wanted someone professional, considerate and dependable.  Nan was all this and so much more!

Nan's cheerful, friendly manner immediately made me feel comfortable.  Her love for animals was so evident. 

I had recently adopted a puppy mill survivor.  After living in a cage for 3 years, Polly is very hesitant and fearful of strangers.  Nan went out of her way to build a relationship with her.  It was amazing to see the change even in 3 days!

I loved the daily emails and was able to relax and enjoy my time away. Palmer loved the tummy rubs and kisses!

We three - Palmer, Polly and Betsy (their human) - think we hit the jackpot with Nan!       

Betsy Gregg
Evansville, IN

Bob and Jack, Evansville IN pet sitting clients
From the first time we met Nan, it was obvious she was a true animal lover.
  She immediately connected with our dog, Bob

Nan came to our home while we were out of town to feed, walk and play with Bob.  He even learned some new tricks while we were gone! 

We have used Compassionate Critter Care several times and will continue to use this service. 

A new puppy, Jack, has been added to our family now and it gives us peace of mind to know that we can leave both of our dogs at home in their familiar setting and they will be well taken care of. 

Thank you, Nan, for showing how much you care!
Mark and Janet Jackson
Evansville, IN

Carly & Lulu, Evansville IN pet sitting clients
Nan does a fantastic job
of taking care of my two cocker spaniels, Carly and Lulu, while I am away.

The first time she came over, it was apparent that she loves and understands dogs. My dogs took to her right away.

I love the updates I get from her letting me know how things are going. 

I am very thankful to be able to go out of town and feel confident that my dogs are safe and comfortable at home having fun with Nan.

Beth Muehlbauer
Evansville, IN

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Testimonials from happy pet sitting & dog walking clients in the greater Evansville IN area.
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Pinky Artz, Evansville IN pet sitting client

Lucy Artz, Evansville IN pet sitting client

I’ve been friends with Nan for nine years, and knew she was searching for the type of work she was really meant to do: direct care for animals that also gives peace of mind to their family.

Like so many others, I have a hard time leaving my feline companions when I must travel. I worry about their safety and emotional needs, and it’s always been paramount that they stay in our home rather than board somewhere strange to them. So I was thrilled when I learned that Nan had opened her sitting service, and would care for my two cats, Lucy and Pinky, while I took a week’s vacation.

Pinky is 12, and doesn’t know a stranger; she enjoys trotting around beside anyone who visits, so I knew she and Nan would get along immediately. At nearly 17, Lucy requires a bit more close scrutiny in her daily habits, and can be harder to coax out of her unusual nap spots.

In her initial visit to discuss needs, Nan was very thorough in asking what needed to be watched for in both cats. Leaving an older pet sometimes creates some anxiety and vulnerability for the human, but Nan’s own knowledge and personal experience with caring for older pets put me at ease.

She told me beforehand that she always does something extra for her clients, but I was still very pleasantly surprised to come home to find that in addition to two happy cats, there were cute pictures of them that Nan had taken and framed.
Will we ask Nan to help us out again?  You bet!  The girls were given excellent personal care, our home was kept safe, the mail was brought in and plants watered - all very important - but most of all, I had peace of mind because I knew that someone who feels as I do about animals was making sure the kitty girls felt loved even in my absence.
Jo Artz
Evansville IN


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