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Services & Fees

Compassionate Critter Care serves the greater Evansville IN area with a wide range of dog training, pet sitting, and dog walking packages to fit you and your pet!

Need a customized program? Call 812-589-8946 or contact us for an estimate.

Services and fees are subject to change; please contact us to confirm current rates


Group Dog Training Classes
Family Friendly Dog I - Class meets once per week for 6 weeks - $95
This introductory course will help you improve your communication with your dog and learn to train the positive way. Even an unruly pet can become "family friendly" when you teach your canine pal basic behaviors like Come, Sit, Stay, Polite Walking, Go to Mat, etc. For puppies, the class will include assistance with issues such as housetraining and nipping. Learning will be fun for you AND your dog in this class, which is held at Warrick Humane Society.

In-Your-Home Dog Training
Consultation for Dog Training $50 (First consult 1-2 hours)

The first consult session includes meeting the dog, obtaining a thorough history of your pet’s behavior, and observing the interaction between you and your dog. This initial consultation enables us to develop an individualized training plan that will benefit you and your canine friend.

Dog Training $75 for 1 session / Package of 2 sessions $140 / Package of 3 sessions $195 / Package of 4 sessions $240 
You and your dog will learn together from a qualified trainer.  A typical session is 1-2 hours.  We can help you address a variety of issues, from housetraining and basic obedience to mild to moderate behavioral problems. We emphasize positive reinforcement methods, primarily using clicker training.  For issues requiring more time, multi-session packages are offered; contact us for an estimate.

Personal Day Training with Nan (Fees will vary. Call Compassionate Critter Care for more details.)
Too busy to train your dog?  Don’t worry!  Nan will assist you! She will not only teach you how to work with your dog, she will personally conduct training sessions with your pet in your home while you’re away at work.
Private Puppy Training Sessions (Only for puppies up to 20 weeks of age) $175 for 5 sessions (once per week for 5 weeks). 
We will cover housetraining, basic doggy manners such as come when called, stay in place, and loose leash walking. Each session will last 45-60 minutes.

Customized Housetraining for your Puppy or Adult Dog $50
Having a tough time housetraining your pup? We can help! Our program begins with an initial consultation in your home. Then we create a detailed daily schedule with step-by-step instructions, individualized for you and your pet! 

Dog Walking
Dog Walking $17-$20 for 1 hour / $12-$15 for 30 minutes (fee dependent upon size of dog, degree of training needed, and distance trainer has to travel)

This is a wonderful way to help your dog learn to walk on a loose leash. Your canine friend will enjoy either a 1-hour or 30- minute walk.  Great for dogs with a lot of energy and owners with busy schedules or physical limitations. Walking helps to reduce boredom and keep your pet fit and happy, even when you’re away!

In-Your-Home Pet Sitting
One-Hour Visit $17-$20 (depending on number of pets, duties required, distance trainer has to travel, and number of days you will be gone from home)

Your pet will receive an hour of “quality time” pampering, which can include playtime, brushing, cuddling, dog walk, and other doggy favorites, as well as potty breaks, meals or treats, medications, etc.

Basic Visit $12-$15 (depending on number of pets, duties required, distance trainer has to travel, and number of days you will be gone from home)
Your pet will receive a visit of up to 30 minutes, which can include potty breaks, meals or treats, medications, etc.  We recommend 2-4 visits per day for most dogs. Most cats, birds, and small critters are fine with one visit per day.

Overnight Stay $45-$50 (depending on number of pets, duties required, distance trainer has to travel, and numbSleeping golden retrieverer of days you will be gone from home.)
Your pet will feel secure sleeping in familiar surroundings with overnight supervision in your home (10 p.m.-6 a.m.).  Of course, your pet will also receive “quality time” pampering, such as playtime, brushing, cuddling, and other special treatment, as well as potty breaks, meals, medications, etc.


Waste Pick-Up $10-$25 (depending on size of yard and amount of waste)
We pick up those little “presents” from your pet and you return home to a nice clean lawn!

Additional Fees
  • Late Payments $20 per day
  • Extra charges may apply depending on travel distance 
  • Holidays $10 extra per day (Includes New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve)    
Complimentary Services
  • Water houseplants
  • Fill birdfeeders
  • Bring in newspaper & mail
  • Take out trash
  • Alternate blinds & lighting for an “at home” look

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